I spent a lot of time researching conference call services and I was fortunate enough to stumble on a conference calling service that has some amazing rates like only 4.5 cents/min. per person for direct-dial in conferencing. Plus, there are flexible payment options available. You can pay by credit card or have them invoice you. The conference call service is and I experienced excellent customer service when I used them recently for my conference calls. There are no contracts to sign, no activation fees or hidden charges. Activation is simple and fast—you can be on your first conference call within minutes. Plus, they give you 24/7 access to an online billing center where you can view account activity and invoices. offers conference call users so much including free web conferencing with every audio call and International conference call access using their GlobalMeet Service. If anyone misses the conference call, that’s fine. With their free recording feature, absentee participants can listen at their convenience for a low cost per person/minute. If you don’t believe me, sign up today and your first 60 minutes of conference calling will be absolutely free! Go to to see what I’m talking about and take advantage of all their great services.

While I was researching conference companies the other day, I stumbled upon Don't know if anyone has heard of them, but it turns out they have the best conference call rate I’ve seen! No kidding! Here’s the best part…a low monthly minimum of $19.99 gets you 500 minutes of conference calling using toll or toll-free access numbers. And if you go beyond 500 minutes for that month, you pay only 3.9 cents/minute per call. It’s that simple! There are no additional fees and you don't have to worry about writing a check every month because it’s automatically charged to your credit card. It’s definitely a worry-free, hassle-free service for anyone who needs to make conference calls because it’s so easy to use and comes with so many great features. uses only the latest technology, including state of the art audio conferencing equipment. You get the latest features and nothing but clear digital connections from a long distance provider. That translates to the best quality and reliable service available. You can sign up and activate your account instantly but you can also cancel anytime you want. Their online account management is great too because it allows you to have 24x7 access to account activity and invoices. Don’t just believe me, try their free savings calculator . It'll show you exactly how much you’ll be saving by using

I’m using Turbo Tax to complete my tax returns this year and I can’t believe how incredibly simple it is. I remember when I used to dead tax time; it was full of stress, anxiety, and pressure. Now, with Turbo tax, doing my taxes is a breeze.

The Turbo Tax Software is easy to understand. To begin with, you need to determine which version is best for your situation. For me, I use the basic Turbo Tax online program to complete my taxes online, and then I E-File my return. One of Turbo Tax online programs is a 1040ez. My state doesn’t charge for E-filing and it is absolutely free. However, some states do charge a fee so depending on your situation and where you live, you may be able to file for free as well, but you will need to check first.

One of the best features about using Turbo Tax is that they help you every step of the way. Before you begin, you can use their help system to determine which Turbo Tax version is best suited for your needs. They offer:

· Turbo Tax Basic
· Turbo Tax Deluxe
· Turbo Tax Premier
· Home & Business Schedule C

Once you have selected your program, you’re ready to start. The online program will walk you through every step, and if you have any questions, there is a help button ready to answer your questions. Some of financial institution offers Turbo Tax Promotion Code if you have it You can buy your TurboTax Software with nice discount.

Leaving your tax returns in the middle of completion is fine with Turbo Tax. The program saves your information and you can easily pick up where you left off. In fact, if you continue to use Turbo Tax for multiple tax returns, you will always have access to your prior tax returns through the Turbo Tax program.

When you are using the program, you will notice a little register (button) in the upper left corner, it will tally up your refund amount as you continue to enter your information. This makes it so easy to see what your expected return will be. Another great benefit to using Turbo Tax, is that when you have E filed (or print and mailed) your return, you can access the website and select “Check E File Status”. This option will let you know when the IRS has successfully accepted your tax return and also gives you information regarding when the IRS has mailed (or direct deposited) your refund.

Entry into the world of ecommerce requires that the site owner has there components planned:

* Products to sell
* Content to advertise the products
* A site host that will run scripts

These are essential before the site is set up. The first two offer direction to the web site, and give the tone for the whole project. The last one is the mechanism by which the ecommerce site will be set up. It will be used to store the content, and the framework, which serves the content, and provides an interface to the payment processing service provider.

If you browse the web, you'll come across many websites that has one or more video clips embedded in it. News websites such as BBC and CNN fall in this category. But, what about a website that has only video clips and nothing else? This is exactly what the Youtube Phenomenon is all about. To those who have not heard about Youtube, it is a video sharing website where one could upload, share, and watch video clips - Youtube videos - for free. It is owned by Google.

Here is a bit history of what all went behind in the making of Little had the three former PayPal employees - Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim, and Steve Chen - anticipated about the growth and fame Youtube would achieve in less than one year since its inception, when they first planned such a video sharing website. An out-of-the box idea, was launched as an unknown new website on February 15, 2005 with virtually no promotion. The website with its full features become operational few month later; the first preview of the website was offered in May 2005 and its official debut in November the same year. As it had been with many great path breaking projects in the past, the incubation days of Youtube took place in a modest garage in California, much like its present owner's - Google - beginnings, who started their journey from a leased space in a Menlo Park garage in 1998.

The beginnings of Youtube was pretty modest and its creators more than once at least went through a cash crunch as the visitors to the website grew and the need for better infrastructure and technology became inevitable. Irony it may be that the first helping hand they got which had pulled them out of the financial crisis was that of the venture capital firm Sequoia, the very same firm that had funded Google in its early years. Sequoia invested $3.5 million initially in Youtube, the stake which they upped to $8 million few months later, realizing the vast potential has in the fast growing world of infotainment in the near future.

Another development that had immensely helped catapulting Youtube into the forefront of online entertainment industry came from rather unexpected quarters, in the form of new software tool - the Flash Player 8 by Macromedia - that enabled people to view Youtube videos directly from their web browsers without having to download it into their PCs and view it with the help of third party software programs such as Windows Media Player or RealOne Player. In fact, it not only eliminated the need to view downloaded files in third party tools, but also provided a far improved video quality than its predecessor, Flash Player 7. Had it not been for the new Flash Player, the Flash Player 8, it is unlikely that would have taken off this fast, in such a short span of time.

As of today,, under the umbrella of Google, is the fastest growing video website in the globe and the 10th most popular amongst all websites in the cyberspace, according to the latest Alexa ratings. Nearly 100 million video clips from Youtube are seen by netizens daily and around 65,000 new Youtube videos are added every day into the database. The number of netizens visiting Youtube every month is thought to be anywhere near 20 million. No wonder, is described not as a website, but as a phenomenon by market experts.

The website provides a one-stop destination where you could find and download YouTube video clips. Our team daily search amongst the millions of video clips available in and categorizes and lists only the best, latest, and funniest amongst them for the netizens to watch and enjoy. In that respect, can be viewed upon as a free video website that provides only the selected best from Youtube's ever expanding database of funny videos. Also, all the amazing videos that are listed under the different categories are updated daily so that the user would get to watch the latest additions to the funny Youtube videos database all the time. You won't be disappointed or bored at the variety and freshness of entertainment you could find in !

Whilst you may not think that it is particularly important, when you receive a new credit card it is essential that you get rid of the older card properly. This is particularly true if you are just getting an updated version of the old one, as the new card will still have all of the same details on it.

So many people simply chuck away their credit cards without thinking and that leaves it wide open for fraudsters to steal your details. It may be hard for you to imagine but there are people who go around at night looking for bin bags and as soon as nobody is looking, they go through them trying to get personal articles, financial details of people. If documents and credit cards are not shredded, it is all too easy for fraudsters to use those details for their own benefits. Even if you are the victim of fraud and the company pays off any debt that the person has accumulated, it still goes on your record. So, it always pays to be extra careful with older credit cards.

There are especially designed shredders which shred credit cards and that is definitely the best way of getting rid of your old cards so purchase one today if you haven’t already got one.

Balloon loans are another type of loan which not many people have actually heard of. It will come as no great surprise to you that these loans are not that popular however when you realise that whilst you do pay small amounts each month to start with, this is only for a certain time period and then you have to pay the rest of the money you owe in full.

Usually a balloon loan refers to a mortgage and the main advantage is that the interest rates are extremely low. This is what draws many people in, but the fact that the full amount is then due in a few years time. It is a long term payment plan but there is still that large lump sum at the end to pay and unfortunately most people are no good at saving their money. If you do not have that large sum of money at the end of the period you could end up in a lot of debt!

So, whilst the interest rates may be extremely low to start with, unless you can afford a large lump sum at the end of the payment period, it is advised that you do not take out this kind of personal loan. If you can afford it then obviously taking advantage of the low interest rates is definitely a great idea!

One of the latest pieces of news regarding credit cards is that they are quickly losing their appeal amongst borrowers. With so many different borrowing options, people are now opting for other methods of credit rather than credit cards. It is said that over £1 billion was lost by credit card companies in 2006 and the decline is blamed upon people taking out home equity loans instead.

More and more people are taking on mortgages and releasing equity in their homes. It seems that the charges of credit cards are finally catching up with the lenders and people are opting for easier and cheaper ways of gaining credit. Another mistake credit card companies have made is dropping their 0% interest rates for certain time periods. Many people are drawn to offers like that and by taking them away they are losing part of their consumer base.

So, it seems that credit cards are slowly losing business but they do not really need to worry just yet. People are still using them and there is plenty of time to bring back various consumers with more deals. Only time will really tell if this new decline in credit cards is a temporary thing or whether it is likely to continue.

If you are on the lookout for a loan, you may notice that you find several 'good' offers. Many loan companies offer excellent interest rates as well as borrow now and pay later offers and both attract many new customers. However, are things really how they seem to be or are there hidden disadvantages that these loan companies just aren't showing us?

Unfortunately a lot of the time a 'good' deal is not really as good as it sounds. It may look good on the outside – after all who wouldn't want lower interest rates and easy money there and then without paying a penny? It sounds unbelievable and a lot of the time it is too good to be true, you just have to know what to look out for. Read the news, loan articles and other information.

For example, if a loan company offers lower interest rates, often it is only for a limited period. They may offer a significant difference compared to other companies but then when you look at the terms and conditions it usually says 'for a limited time only' or something along those lines. So, always read the terms and conditions otherwise you could end up actually paying more than you originally thought you would. Loan companies are clever that way and many people do fall for it. It is all about clever advertising, and personal loan companies certainly know how to use it to their advantage.

So, the lesson is to read through the agreement and terms thoroughly before agreeing to anything. Often if something sounds too good to be true it usually is!

Recently I've been struggling with my personal finances in that I have been spending more money than I earn, which as you can imagine has left me short of a few bucks. It's an awful situation to find yourself in, one day you are out having a wonderful time courtesy of your plastic friend and the next day it hits you square in the face; I have a bad credit card debt problem. So what did I do? First of all I applied for various balance transfer cards so I would be able to stop paying back interest for a few months, but guess what, my credit score is now so bad that none of the companies would give me a credit card! I hit the web and started to search for options and things were looking pretty bad until I found out about these secured credit cards. They look just like any other credit card and I can use them like a normal credit card, but there is one fundamental difference. Secured credit cards are created for people like me, they are essentially-speaking credit cards for bad credit. Opening the account was simple, I just had to put down an opening deposit that would cover a payment if I couldn't make it that month. Ok, they still charge interest, but it's better than nothing.

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    Well, the first thing you’re gonna need is a news reader. There are many different versions of these, some of which are accessed using a browser, and some of which are downloadable applications. All allow you to display and subscribe to the RSS feeds you want.
    My top picks for news readers, listed by the operating system they work with, are:

1. Mac OS X: NetNews This is a simple yet elegant Mac-like aggregator that any one can use, yet it’s powerful.
2. Windows: SharpReader A very simple tool, but it delivers the goods.
3. Linux: Straw The best very aggregator for GNOME.
4. Web: Bloglines Enough said.

    Now, after you’ve chosen a news reader, all you have to do is to decide what content you want. For example, if you would like the latest BBC News Entertainment stories, simply visit the Entertainment section and you will notice an orange RSS button on the left hand side.

The RSS button typically looks like this example from the BBC ( page:

    If you click on the RSS button you can subscribe to the feed in various ways: you can either drag the URL of the RSS feed into your news reader, or you can cut and paste the URL into a new feed in your news reader.
    Some browsers, including Firefox, Opera and Safari, have functionality that automatically picks up RSS feeds for you. To make absolutely sure, check the details on the homesites of those browsers.
    RSS feeds are a great way to get free content streaming onto your pages.
    The only downside is that most of the free RSS feeds are news-oriented or entertainment-oriented, so if you run, say, a site that focuses on the latest video games,your audience may not really care that they can get the latest news streaming in there.
    But you don’t really have to worry too much over the details, since a simple Google search on “free open source RSS feed scripts” will produce the code you need to create your own RSS channel.
    It gets better —if you update your RSS file, all the external sites that subscribe to your feed will be automatically updated. What could be easier, other than watching those nice, fat checks from your Google AdSense ads roll in? Well, if you use RSS feeds, they’ll work together!